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The best jobs in the restaurant Industry

Apr 10


The service industry is a rewarding career path that can provide a fulfilling and enriching life.

One of the highest-paying jobs that you can pursue is a job in the restaurant industry. They do not require a college degree. Being an integral part of a team is a fantastic way to make your living. All it takes is finding your own niche. A job site will help you locate different types of jobs in restaurants.

Different types of restaurant jobs

The type of restaurant you are working at will impact on the job opportunities. These positions are available in big restaurants that offer casual dining and fast food. However, they are more likely to be filled by the general manager, proprietor, or chef of a fine restaurant.

If you're hoping to advance into the top ranks, a chain restaurant is better. There are likely to have protocols to train and groom staff to promote. Certain chefs with high-end training begin their careers in casual eateries because they offer additional training courses.


Back-Of the-House Jobs

The positions of the back-of-the-house are accountable to wash and prepare dishes. Smaller restaurants might only have one cook or chef. A whole team of food preparation may be required for larger establishments. This includes chefs, sous chefs prep cook, line cook, baker, and a kitchen manager responsible for training and inventory as well as any other supervisory and administrative duties.


In chain restaurants, the general manager is responsible to oversee the entire restaurant from the front to the back. But, this job isn't typically available at private restaurants.


The description of the job for Back-of-the-House


  • Cook The cook is the title of their job. Cooks prepare and cook food as well as handle and store food. Although most cooks are trained on the job, some may go to culinary schools or take part in apprenticeships.


  • Cooks who prep cook: They cut fruits and vegetables as well as measure ingredients. They tidy up the kitchen areas prior to food preparation.


  • Baker: Bread-bakers make, bake and decorate cakes and pastries, bread and many other desserts. Bakers are on hand in advance to ensure that fresh baked goods are readily available to customers when they open their doors.


  • Manager of the Kitchen: Kitchen managers are responsible for the hiring, training, and organizing kitchen staff. They also are responsible for managing inventory and ordering supplies.


  • General Manager General Manager: This person is accountable for overseeing the operation of restaurants. They are responsible for hiring and firing, budget management, ordering food, supplies, and equipment, and managing the budget. Most general managers have extensive experience in the food service industry.


Front-Of-House jobs

These positions are directly involved with the public. These titles include host server, hostess and host (or waiter/waitress) busser, runner and host as well as bartender.


Fast-food restaurants will employ cashiers and drive-thru operators. Depending on the restaurant's size and the size of its staff, other managerial or support positions may also be offered like shift manager floor manager, shift manager or table captain. These positions could have distinct responsibilities depending on how the restaurant is structured.


Descriptions of Front-Of-House Job Descriptions


  • Server/Hostess - A server or host is usually the first person that customers will meet upon entering the restaurant. They can be waitstaff or assist with the taking of drinks orders.


  • Server: Waiters/waitresses serve orders and serve food and drinks to customers. They also take care of customer complaints and questions.


  • Back Waiter/Busser: Typically bussers clean, set tables and replenish them with condiments, napkins, as well as other things. They also work with dishwashers to ensure a constant supply of flatware, dishes and other food items.


  • Bartenders: Bartenders make and serve drinks. Bartenders are also able to manage and stock the bar area, and offer snacks and food items.


  • Cashier: Cashiers collect the money from customers, and then change the money. They process debit and credit card transactions by using cash registers and point of sale software. Cash drawer reconciliation is often handled by the cashier.


Restaurant Management Jobs

There will be an offsite corporate office for national and regional restaurants. The office is home to the top management and any support staff.


There are usually separate marketing, communications and research, human resource, development, administrative, or communications divisions. These positions are similar to the positions in larger companies in all industries.


The corporate office is accountable for matters that impact the entire company or the whole region. It is responsible for defining and implementing company policy as well as marketing strategies and branding.

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