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It’s time for Thanksgiving.

Mar 29

Massage Mesa studios strive to make every individual's life better. We offer a variety of therapeutic massages and keep up-to-date on the latest techniques. Mindfulness suggestions can also be offered to improve your well-being, as well as regular massages in Fountain Hills AZ. We do all this because we are grateful to you.

Gratitude motivates us to support local studios in becoming the best versions of themselves. This November, which is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, can be a time for you to cultivate your gratitude. It won't take long for you and others to start to see the benefits.

Gratitude, and its benefits.

Psychology Today defines gratefulness as "the expressions of appreciation for the things one has." But this is not only about material things. It can include talents, feelings, experiences, and all other things that are part of your personal sphere. According to the same article, research suggests that people who practice gratitude have less pain, Stress, and Insomnia. They may have better relationships and immune systems.

Gratitude, and its practice.

You might think of gratitude as the feeling you get when you remember or experience great things. You don't have to feel grateful right away. Gratitude can be strengthened and stretched like a muscle. Below, we have compiled some gratitude practices that you can easily adopt. With regular practice, you might start to feel the benefits that gratitude can bring.

Count your blessings.

As an individual or group member, observe and note what you appreciate. You can do this weekly, daily, or rollingly. Add blessings as they appear to you. This is a great place to get started practicing gratitude.

This holiday classic, with its catchy tune, explains everything you need to count blessings. This song may also be a great way to remind yourself of gratitude for weeks.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Consider a Gratitude Journal when you are ready to take your gratitude to the next level. There are many options on the market for these journals, but you only need a small pad or notebook to get started. You can simply write down the date and then start to list your blessings. A tangible record is a great way to keep track of blessings every day. It also makes it easy to refer to it when you are feeling less grateful.



You can surround yourself with visual reminders of your blessings.

You may find visual cues more effective if you are a visual thinker. In a way that lists and simple lists cannot, symbols, pictures, and small tokens can conjure memories and inspire gratitude. No matter whether you keep them all together in a particular place or build a home altar for them, make sure to constantly change or rearrange your collection. It keeps them fresh and prevents them from becoming a part of the background.

Keep your eyes open for more difficult times.

You can remember times in your own life when you weren't as happy. It may seem counterintuitive but Emmons states that "trials, suffering, and happiness can all help to refine and deepen gratitude if they allow us to let go of our need to take things for granted." He also reminds us that Thanksgiving was not about abundance, but hard times.

Say "Thank You!"

Harvard recommends writing Thank-You Notes for your own happiness and to foster your relationships with other people. You can write a handwritten thank-you note, send an email, post on social media, or text.

If all of these options seem too overwhelming, you can still thank them mentally. You can also keep your gratitude practice alive by writing down the words.

Donate your time or treasure

Michael Norton, a Harvard Business School professor, and his colleagues proved that it's better to give than to get. In their most recent study, participants felt happier giving money than spending it. You can express your gratitude by giving money or time to an organization or person you admire. It will be a mutual benefit for both you as well as the receiver.

Continue to practice gratitude for your body and be kind to yourself!

A series of routine massages gives your body a range of benefits. They are a wonderful way to show appreciation for your body's work day in and day out. You can also reward it with a good night of sleep and nourish it with nutritious, healthy meals. The best part is keeping gratitude at the forefront of your mind. It makes you and your world happier, healthier, and more enjoyable. It's the best reason to feel grateful.


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