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6 Ways To Hack Your Air Conditioner And Save Money This Summer

Feb 2

Are the idea of relying on an air conditioner in order to stay cool making you sweat? These are some ways to stay cool, save money and get rid of your old air cooling unit.


Google estimates that running an air conditioner with a window for the whole summer will run at least $300. Which room will you choose? What do you think of the bedroom? This could be your home office. What about your living room? Is your family gathered around the hot, dripping, loud appliance when the season is over? Do you ever hear complaints about how cold the house is, and how Heating & Cooling Colorado Springs has done it all well?

What's your objective to achieve?

CFLs and LEDs are the best options. Here's (another) reason if you're looking to buy one. A majority of the energy that is used by incandescent lamps is used up in the form of heat. While LEDs and CFLs might have a minimal difference in the temperature of your home, they also save (more) electricity.


  • Inhale some fresh air. When you go to bed, open the windows. If you reside in an area that is noisy, use a fan for white noise. It'll be more efficient than an AC unit. You can also listen to the sounds of peepers and crickets while you're asleep when you're in the countryside. They'll be sure to soothe you to sleep.

  • Close the curtains. The morning air is some of the coolest you'll ever feel But as the sun begins to break the horizon and temps begin to rise Turn off the lights. Once your home has taken in as much cold air as possible, close the doors and then open the blinds to keep the temperature warm. While it might seem counterintuitive, your late morning/afternoon self will appreciate it.

  • Put away the stove and enjoy the warmth of the fire. It's not the ideal way to wind down the day by picking up an appliance that is 350 degrees inside the house.

  • The freezer will cause you to feel cold. Before you go to bed, throw those fresh cotton sheets into the freezer for just a few minutes. Relax on a freshly made, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Airflow can be used in innovative ways. Rethink your thinking if that fans only functioned for blowing air in. You can flip your window fan upside down to draw out all heat. If you place windows side-by-side and the hot air is drawn out, it will be pulled out and cool air is drawn into. Test different designs to find the most suitable one to fit your space. You may even find the top of the line -- across breeze -- if you're lucky.

  • Connect with your roots. In front of the fans, place a large bowl or roasting pan filled with ice. The breeze will draw in the cold air and send it the chill to your destination. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning and it was effective!


Do you wish to reduce one quart? Fill it up,' says the voice of the narration. The body needs water to cool itself, so it is important to drink plenty of fluids all day long. It's normal that your body sweats at times.

Shower with ice water. It's rejuvenating, reduces energy consumption, and research has demonstrated that it could boost productivity.

Unplug. It is better to unplug electronics rather than turn them off in the evening. This can reduce the temperature inside your home and allow you to save cash on electricity.


These are only a few ideas to help you stay cool during the summer heat. However, remember to look at the larger picture. You can utilize the money to plant trees and shrubs in your yard as well as to construct an awning for your windows. Although $300 might seem a bit high in the summer, it's possible to make an enormous difference in excess energy consumption by working together.

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