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The Step-By-Step Guide to Duct Cleaning

Jan 8

Cleaning the ducts is the process of cleaning the ducts in your furnace. It's not, however, a do-it-yourself project. Professional air cleaning ducts, like Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs Heating & Air, employ specialized tools to remove dirt from these difficult-to-reach areas. Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs will show you how to clean the air ducts.


Hire a reputable air duct cleaner


There's no shame in having been able to have your air ducts cleaned before and were dissatisfied with the outcome and the strangely short time it required. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) developed a standard method of air duct cleaning to help address the negative experiences. This air duct cleaning method is the best and most efficient method to clean your ducts.


Step 1: Look over the Ductwork


Your technician will examine the ducts that connect to the return and supply registers. It's an ideal first step for homeowners looking to view the outcomes before and after. Your expert might use cameras to thoroughly inspect the ductwork prior to starting.


The specialist will then fix any issues they find within the ducts. They will fix any leaks, kinks, or damage they see in your ducts. If you notice that your ducts are leaked or leaking, you can seal them with Aeroseal to prevent further leaks and drips.


Step 2. Create a negative pressure

The technician will bring an enormous vacuum system to your furnace. The HEPA vacuum, which is high-efficiency and powerful in suction, produces negative pressure within your furnace's vents. The technician will connect the vacuum gathering device's line to the duct. The technician will require a hole to access the duct.


To enhance the negative pressure, shut off all of your supply registers. The vacuum will then be turned on, and each duct will be cleaned one at a time.


Step 3: Create the Dust Agitate


Your professional will utilize essential suction equipment to clean the ducts while they are going through the air duct cleaning process to vent via a vent. These instruments include revolving brushes and pressurized air whipping devices to help move settled dust.


The technician will cleanse the supply and return vents. This will let you remove the dust with ease.


Step 4: Clean up the System's Rest


The remainder of your HVAC system will be inspected when the vents and ducts have been cleaned. The furnace and air blower motors, the evaporator coil, the drain pan, and many other components are all included. The technician should tidy their work area and make sure that the areas are not cleaner than they were at the time they arrived. To demonstrate the difference, they should provide a tour of the process.

Air duct cleaning should be performed every three to five years, however, it is possible to do it more frequently if you've detected mold and mildew growth within your home, suffer from extreme allergies, or recently had construction work completed in your house. You'll be able to breathe better through the air duct cleansing procedure. It will remove allergens and dust, and pet dander. Your furnace will also be benefited. Your furnace will run better and last longer when your ductwork is clean.


Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs Heating & Air is Colorado Springs' preferred HVAC service provider for many years. You'll see why our clients become lifelong customers when you join us.

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