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How Duct and Vent Cleaning Works

Jan 8

Duct cleaning refers to the process of cleaning the ducts in your furnace. This isn't, however, a do-it-yourself project. These areas are hard to access and require expert duct cleaners like those at Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs Heating & Air. Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs will walk you through the Air Duct Cleaning Process to see the reason why having your air ducts clean is vital.


Utilize the services of a Reputable Air Duct Cleaner


If you have had the air ducts cleaned prior to this and were not satisfied with the results or the time it took to complete the task, it's not the only one. To solve these issues, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), developed a standard procedure for clean air ducts. This air duct cleaning method is the most effective method of cleaning your ducts.


Step 1: Examine the Ductwork


Your technician will examine the ducts connecting to the supply and return registers. This is an excellent start for homeowners who wish to view the outcomes before and after for themselves. The expert may use cameras to thoroughly inspect your ductwork before they start.


The expert will fix any issues with your ducts that they find. The expert may repair any damage, kinks, or leaks that they discover in your ducts. Aeroseal can be used to stop leaks in your ducts and to prevent the possibility of leaks in the future.


Step 2: Create Negative Pressure

The technician will bring an extensive vacuum system to your furnace. The HEPA vacuum, which is highly efficient and has strong suction, generates negative pressure inside the furnace's vents. The technician will join the vacuum gather device's cable to the duct. The technician will need a hole to access the duct.


To enhance the pressure on your negative side, shut off the supply registers. The vacuum will then turn on, and every duct will be cleaned one by one.


Step 3: Let the dust fall


Your specialist will use vital suction gear to clean the ducts as they go through the process of cleaning air ducts and vent through the vent. This equipment comprises a revolving brush and pressurized agitation air whipping equipment to help move settled dust.


Your specialist will clean the supply-side ducts and return vents. This will allow you to remove the dust with ease.


Step 4 4. Clean the System's Remains


The remainder of your HVAC system will be inspected after the ducts and vents are cleaned. Included in the assessment are the furnace air blower motor, the furnace, and the evaporator coil. Your technician should clean up their work area and ensure your rooms aren't dustier than when they first arrived. To demonstrate how they've improved, they'll take you through the job.

It is recommended to take care to clean your air ducts once every three to five years. However, it may be more frequent when you have severe allergies, mold, or mildew forms in your home or if your home is recently updated. It's easier to breathe with the air duct clean-up process. It gets rid of allergens, dust, and dander. The furnace too will benefit. Your furnace will run more efficiently and last longer if your vents are clean.


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